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Ramadan Camp 2024

About Ramadan Camp 2024

Games and fun, child went to Our Camp.

We wish all Muslim kids to learn about the islam and understand the Quran and know about the prophet stories.


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ramadan camp

Ramadan Camp 2022

Animtion Stories By Our Children


Wafaakids Ramadan Camp 2024

  • Every day except Fri, Sat

    there are two groups 1. Europe Countries at 5.30 pm uk time 2. Usa group

  • Online on Zoom

    we will send you the link of our meeting after you finish the form below...

  • Reading Quran

    every ramadan we are trying to finish the whole quran reading with our students

  • Watch Islamic Stories

    Prophets stories and prophet's companions

  • Quran Competitions

    in jaz Ammah from surah alnas to surah alnab

  • Kahoot Quizzes

    fun Quzzies on the stories and the quran

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Goals of Ramadan Camps:

  • Foster a deeper understanding of Islam and its teachings.
  • Provide a supportive environment for spiritual growth and reflection.
  • Encourage community engagement and charitable activities.
  • Educate participants about the significance of Ramadan and its rituals.

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