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Private Quran Online Classes

Private Quran Online Classes

Private Quran online classes are personalized, one-on-one interactive sessions. The Curriculum typically covers Quranic Arabic, Tajweed rules, Quran memorization and is tailored to the student’s age, knowledge, and abilities.

Private Arabic Online Classes​

Private Arabic online classes are personalized, one-on-one interactive sessions, These classes are conducted by expert tutors and utilize digital learning tools. The Curriculum covers various aspects of the Arabic language, such as grammar, text study, and conversational skills.

Private Islamic studies Online Classes​

Private Islamic studies Online Classes​

Private Islamic Studies online classes are personalized, one-on-one interactive sessions. The curriculum typically covers Seerah, Tafsir, Fiqah, Hadith and Aqeedah.

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Our Story

In 2014, A young man at his 17 years old just finished memorizing the whole Quran and started teaching Kids it and Islamic studies to his relatives and neighbors. The Kids Loved him so much and their parents began to see the kids learning with this young friend. He was playing with them eating, talking, studying and teaching them. The kids began to come to the mosque to stay with this young man in prayer time and pray together. The number of kids is increasing and this young man didn’t have any idea about How to treat all of them in the same way he was with this large number of kids, then he asked for help from his friends who finished the whole Quran like he. WafaaKids started With the same idea Not Teaching with the old style Nope, But before we teach, We have to Build a Friendship with our students and then start Teaching. 

The Idea

This is Abdalrahman Our Founder, We are Wafaakids.

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On Wafaa Kids, we are trying to accept all the teachers who less than 30 years old to able to create a friendship relationship with their students.

Abdalrahman Atwah CEO and The Founder of Wafaakids


CEO & Founder WafaaKids

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ARabic and Quran Teacehr

Ethaar Quran and arabic teacher


Quran and Islamic Teacher

Mohamed Quran and arabic teacher


Quran Teacher

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How do I start?

The first step is to fill out a quick form The Form and we will send you the link of your Trial lesson on your mail and what’s app.

Are the lessons online or onsite ?

We are providing an onsite lessons only in Egypt, Otherwise will be online via any video call platform like Zoom. 

How much will it cost to join WafaaKids?

Most students enroll in the Basic plan. The average student at WafaaKids spends around $64 per month. This approximately amounts to 8 teaching hours per month or 2 x 1-hour lessons per week which are suited for most levels and ensure the program goals are met. The pricing can be slightly different depending on the plan. We can see our pricing plans from here –> Pricing Plan

What is the ideal age to start lessons with WafaaKids ?

Over the years, we have had successes with very young students but we recognize that every child is different and some might have difficulty interacting with a teacher online. In general, we found that starting from age 7, there are rarely any issues with teaching online.
For younger ages, a guardian might need to accompany the student during the lessons initially to provide support until the student gets used to his/her teacher.

Does WafaaKids offer any discounts?

We understand that quality education can get expensive and therefore we offer a number of discounts to maximize the benefit for our students enrolled in our programs.

(1) Family Discounts:  Students enrolled in our Basic and Pro plans receive 10% and 5% off respectively when 2 or more members of their family are enrolled in the same plan.

(2) Zakat Fund: For students who experience financial hardship, WafaaKids maintains a Zakat eligible fund that is used towards partially or fully subsidizing fees. You will be required to provide documentation to demonstrate your eligibility.