Strong Woman In The Battle of Uhud


Muslim Women's Power In The Battle of Uhud​

Al-Zobair ibn Al-Aoaam, may Allay be pleased with him said: On Battle of Uhud day, a woman was coming towards us. She was about to see the Muslims killed during the battle because when the 50 archers left their places, the Meccan army “Disbelievers” started  attacking the Muslim army 

, The prophet peace be upon him, hated that she saw them, so prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, shouted: the woman…the woman.    

 Al-Zobair said: I guessed that she was Safia Bent Abed Al-Mutalaab, the aunt of the prophet. I hurried towards her before she could see the murder scene from the Muslim army. She beat me in my chest like a strong woman and told me to let her alone.

I told her that the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, swore on her not to go to see the murderers. So she stopped and said: I had brought two grave- clothes to enshroud my brother Hamzah. Al-Zobair said: we took the two grave clothes to enshroud Hamzah but we found a killed man from Al-Ansaar who had no clothes to be shrouded in them. We decided to use one cloth for Hamzah and the other for the Ansarian man, but we found one cloth was longer than the other therefore, we cast a ballot between the two clothes, and everyone was enshrouded in his cloth.   

Significant notes

The prophet peace be upon him’s tenderness is splendid; He refused that a woman, any woman, to see such a cruel scene. He did not know that she was his aunt.

 Justice and mercy were the symptoms of the prophet’s companions peace be upon him. They refused that one dead person be shrouded in two clothes while the other had no cloth to be shrouded in; this was their mercy. They cast a ballot to choose between the two clothes; this was their justice.


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