Tafsa verse 135 of Surat An-Nisa Part 2


Verse 135 in Surah An-Nisa Part 1

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Verse 135 in Surah An-Nisa Part 2

 He committed the most sinful deed.I was riding and the child jumped in front of the taxi, which was going very slowly, but there was a crowd.

   This witness is precious.

   The witnesses should accept when they are summoned.

   Al-Baqarah ,verse n`282.

   Do your witness, and for the sake of Allah, do not be afraid of the blame from anyone. What is the value of your life without justice?

   When infidels were just, they deserved triumph, but when Muslims were unjust, they deserved beating.

“O you, who believe, stand up firmly for justice.” Surat An-Nisa`a 135

Al-Quast means Al-Adl, i.e. justice. Another meaning of Al-Quast is to remove injustice. This is the second stage of justice; justice is to give justly but to be Muaq’asat means to remove injustice.

   But whoever fears that the testator has deviated or been unfair and then amends the will to set it right between the parties concerned, there is no sin upon him.” Surat Al-Baqarah 182

It is narrated that a Jewish man complaint from Saidana Ali [may Allah dignify his face] to Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, the Khalifah of the faithful. This reverend’s companion was sitting beside Omar. The Jewish man entered and said his complaint from Ali [may Allah be pleased with him]. Thus, Omar [may Allah be pleased with him] said: Stand up Aba-Al Hasan and be beside the man. Ali’s face colour changed. After Omar has enjoined the just and has made the Jewish man go away, he said: Oh, Aba Al-Hasan, are you angry with me?

   Ali said: yes.

   Omar said: what have I done? I have made you stand up beside him.

   Ali said: Why do you call me Aba Al-Hasan and you do not call me Ali only? You have differentiated between me and him.

   Muslims reached that extent of morals.

  Ali’s shield was stolen and he found it at a Jewish man. Ali filed a suit against a judge who asked him: Oh, Emir of faithful, who can witness for your sake?

   Ali replied: my son.

   The judge replied: your son’s witness is not accepted. Thus, the shield remained with the Jewish man [because Ali had no other witnesses except his son. When the Jewish man saw this just verdict, he embraced Islam. The Khalifah of faithful filed his suit in front of a judge, and he brought his son as a witness. The judge refused the witness of this son. This is justice.

 One of the Prophet’s companions was arrested during the hijrah, i.e. emigration. He said to those who arrested him: By Allah if you set me free, I would not fight against you. They believed him, and they set him free. When this companion arrived at the Prophet, peace be upon him, and he told him about this deal. The Prophet was pleasant. Later, there was an invasion, and this companion joined it. The Prophet told him you had to return [and leave this invasion]. Haven’t you had a deal with them not to fight against them?

This is Islam.

Islam is not as people think of it; it is merely doing sermons unconsciously.

I say it again and again: By Allah, and by Allah and by Allah, if the Prophet’s companions perceived Islam as we perceived it nowadays, Islam would not get out of Makkah. We understand Islam as merely doing demonstrations; when a Muslim goes on a pilgrimage, he puts ornaments [on his house’s walls], and when he returns, he is called Al-Haag.

But the daily interrelation needs to be more accurate. Injustice is prevalent among Muslims in personal, business and commercial dealings. Sometimes, there is treachery. Someone had once told me: I have bought 200 rotten eggs, but I could sell them quickly in Friday Market. When we mistreat each other, we all fall from the sight of Allah and we do not deserve the victory from Allah Azz Waa Gal.

I repeat it: Allah conquers the just infidel nation against the unjust Muslim nation.

Oh, you who believe stand up firmly for justice “Surat an-Nisa’a 135

The exaggerating form refers that Al-Quast should be your style of life and your continuous behaviour

Witness for Allah

 Say the truth and the more influential are:

 “Even as against yourselves.”

When you are the mistake-doer, and there is no witness against you, you should say: I had done that. This is the religion. If the Muslim does not represent the values of Islam, what is the value of his Islam?

What did Gaafaar Ibn Abou Talib say to An-Nagashee?

He said:

“O king! We were people of ignorance; we adored idols, ate the dead bodies [of animals], did unchastity practices and disregarded ties of relationship, and ill-treated the neighbours; the powerful one among us ate the weak one.

 We remained like that until Allah dispatched to us a messenger of whose birth, truthfulness, honesty, and purity we were aware. He called us to the Oneness of Allah All-Mighty and taught us to worship him and to forsake what our forefathers and we used to worship of stones and idols; and he enjoined us to speak the truth, to be faithful to our trusts, to regard the ties of kith and kin and the rights of the neighbours; and to stop doing the prohibited matters and blood-shedding, he also forbade us to do abominations or to tell lies, or to eat the substance of orphans, or to speak evil of women; he ordered us to worship Allah only and not to associate anyone with Him ; to offer prayers, to render alms, and to observe fast. He enumerated the pillars of Islam for him. We have believed in him and followed him; thus, we worshipped Allah, did not associate anything with Him, prohibited what Allah had prohibited on us, and allowed [for ourselves] what He has allowed for us. For this reason, our people attacked and persecuted us to force us to forsake the worship of Allah, return to the worship of idols and other abominations, and do the evils and vices we used to do. When they have oppressed, tortured and injured us and prevented us from practising our religion sermons, thus we got out to your country, chosen you amongst others, and looked forward to your neighbourhood and hoped we would not be oppressed at you.”

   Narrated by Ahmed from Um-Salamah

   Islam has moralistic values.

   A brother said to me: I was working at one of my wealthy relatives. This is an old story; he used to give me two thousand Liras per month and he used to spend ten thousand Liras per day. I was responsible for providing his house’s requirements. He takes a salary less than what he deserves. This rich man exploits him because he is a poor man.

  Another story: A man brings teachers at home to teach his son; they cost him one million liras, while he has a simple orphan employer who asks him to leave his store an hour early to join a nocturnal school to get a certificate. Still, the owner of the store refused to keep this employer ignorant to make use of him and exploit him.

     When injustice reaches high levels, we all deserve Allah Azz wa Gal’s wrath. The companions used to say: Praise be to Allah who gets us out of rulers’ injustice to Islam’s justice. Islam is justice, but when Muslims behave unjustly, they do not deserve succour.

 Witnesses for Allah’s

 Do not witness for Zaid or Abeid; do not care about this anger or that one. You should see for the sake of Allah to support the truth and to nullify the wrong.

Dear good brothers, how many truthful witnesses changed the ruling, adjusted it, and eliminated the injustice?

 O you, who believe, stand up firmly for justice as witnesses for Allah even as against yourselves.

  Surat Al-Nisa`a, 135.

Someone married a woman without his first wife’s knowledge. The wife felt that there was another woman in her husband’s life, but she did not dare to speak about this matter with him; the husband in the old days had a significant position in his house, but nowadays, he had no role. This husband passed away. The first wife sent to the second wife her share in the inheritance. The second wife replied that the husband had divorced her a few days before his death, and she had no financial rights. This is Islam. When we are just, we will live in a paradise.

 Does this merchant who gives the employer this salary suffice for the month? While he spends money without an account, his son’s wedding party costs eighty-five million Liras, and he gives his employer a minimal amount of money, which is hardly enough for him.

 There is power, money is power and position is also a power.

 Dear brothers, it is narrated by Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, that Quraish was interested in the Makhazoomian woman who had stolen; they said, who dare to speak to the Prophet, peace be upon him [to forgive her]? They said it was only Usama Ibn Zaid, the most beloved one to the Prophet, who dared to speak to the Prophet, peace be upon him, to forgive her. Thus, Usama talked to the Prophet, peace be upon him, who replied saying: do you interfere to stop applying one of Allah’s rulings, he stood to say a speech and he said, “Those before you were eradicated because when a noble person among them committed the crime of robbery they forgave him but when a humble person committed robbery they applied the sentence against him. By Allah, if Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut her hand.”

     Agreed upon by Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her.

   It is narrated in history that one of the Al-Ghasasanah kings embraced Islam. His name was Gaballah Ibn Al-Ihaam.He came to Omar Ibn Alkhataab as a Muslim. Actually, Omar welcomed him. The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to ask for the elite people, i.e. to call them to Islam, and it is not a mistake to search for the elite to call them.

   He welcomed him, and during his circumambulation, the khutbah, a nomad from the tribe Fazarah, trod on the part of his garment. The garment was taken off his shoulder. Thus, he turned to the nomad and slapped his face so fiercely that he broke his nose. This poor nomad from Fazarah had no one to support him except Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, so he complained to him about Gaballah Ibn Al-Ihaam’s deed. [Nowadays, a recent poet forms this story in a poem].

   Omar Ibn Al-Khattab asked him: Is it true what this wounded man from Fazarah claims?

   Gaballah replied: yes, it is correct. I am not one of those who conceal anything. I polish the guy; I take my right by my hand.

   Omar said: Reconcile the guy. You have to satisfy him. Your nail is still covered with his blood. Otherwise, he will break your nose, and you will be punished for what your hands have committed.

   The king said: Extravagant claims, how does it come? He is a mob, and I am a throne and a crown. How do you accept that a star falls down to earth?

   Omar said: We have buried Jahiliah [Ignorance] ‘s whims and arrogance’s ideas. We have built a new establishment where people are equals [in front of Allah] whether they are free or slaves.

   Al-Gabalah said: It was a delusion in my mind that you would consider me the most powerful and the noblest, and if you enforced me, I would apostatize.   

  Omar said your neck will be cut if you retreat, leaving Islam. We build this new world where if there are any troubles, we will settle them and the nobleman is equal to the slave man.

When we treat each other unjustly, there will come in return who will treat us unjustly. Keep this word in your mind. Allah forbids that we treat each other justly and anyone comes and takes our wealth.

  It is narrated by Abed Allah Ibn Omar that the Prophet, peace is upon him, came to us and he said: O people of Muhagareen [the emigrants], there are five matters if you are infected with them and I seek refuge in Allah that you are tested by them…..If you break Allah and his Prophet’s covenant, Allah will make an enemy [not from amongst them] overpowers them and takes some of what is in their hands. And if their leaders do not rule according to Allah’s rulings and do not choose from what Allah reveals, Allah will make them in great concord.

   This Hadith is narrated by Ibn Magah.

   The most excellent store of oil in the world, which is in Iraq, is confiscated. [If you break Allah and his Prophet’s covenant, Allah will make an enemy-not from amongst them- overpowers them and takes some of what is in their hands].

   This Hadith is one of Muhammad’s [peace be upon him] signs of prophecy.

You are not charged to apply justice among nations, but you are set to use justice among your children. If you have a company, you have to apply justice among your employers only; this is what Allah will account for you. If you have two wives, you have to use justice among them.

   You have to apply justice to what Allah charged you with.

   The Prophet has said: Make someone else witness this deal because I do not see injustice.

   When we apply justice, we deserve victory, but when we ill-treat each other, there will come who mistreat us also, and he will oppress us and take our land, wealth, dignity, culture and religion.

 I repeat it, dear brothers: when you fear Allah Azz Waa Gal in secret, Allah will make you not scared of anyone. But if you are not afraid of Allah Azz Waa Gal because you are now a powerful man, suddenly everything is upside down. Haven’t you seen how Allah bestowed

   sovereignty to whom He, All-Mighty, wishes and He extracted freedom from whom He wishes? Haven’t you noticed?

If you are not afraid of Allah in secret, He will make you fearful of the most minor ones of his creatures. But if you are so scared of Allah in secret between you and him, He Almighty will make you not afraid of anyone else.

   Dear brothers, I wish that we could deal with each other with justice, whether within our families, among our children or among our employers. Be just in whatever is within your own responsibilities and Allah Azz Waa Gal will not oppress you or make you be oppressed or frightened by anyone.

   O you, who believe, stand up firmly for justice as witnesses for Allah, even as against yourselves or as against your parents and relatives.

   Surat An-Nisa’a 135.

   By Allah, dear brothers, there was a young man; he was one of our brothers in the mosque, and I am very proud of him. His father provided him with a job in an Arab country. One night, he was driving his car, he crashed another vehicle, a little accident but an old man in the nineties of his age died due to the sudden accident. Thus, this accident became the reason for killing someone. This young man called the executive manager of the laboratory and told him what had happened to him.The manager told him: don’t worry and come to the police station after an hour. After an hour, he came to the police station and found everything was done. The statement is completely written in his interest, and there is no criminal responsibility against him. The young man said: this is not what happened; I have actually beaten the man. The manager said: Extravagant! I rescue you, and you get yourself involved. The young man said: I will not sign this report. I have beaten this old man and will not be saved from Allah’s punishment.

  The manager said: I have never seen a man like that. I try to rescue him and he gets himself involved.

  The young man asked how he rescued me when he exposed me to Allah’s wrath?

   The young man paid the complete blood money and appointed the old man’s sons in his company.

   I am very proud of this youth. We need Muslims precisely like him. He refused to be saved from this world’s punishment and fell in Allah’s punishment. He confessed that this report was incorrect and I was the one who beat this old man in my car and caused his death and I was ready to pay everything, i.e. the blood money.

   When we all apply justice to us, we deserve to conquer our enemies.

 Even against yourselves or your parents and relatives.

   Surat An-Nisa’a 135.

 Shoraih was one of the great judges in the Islamic history. His son had a dispute with some people. The son said: O my father, I will expose this cause for you. If I was on the right, I would tell you in court; if I was not right, I would pay for them without dealing with this problem. The father listened to his son’s cause and told him: you are on the right; expose this cause in front of me in the court.

   When the son exposed the cause for his father in the court, the father judged against his son, who wondered, saying: Haven’t I asked you?

   The father replied: I was afraid you may not give them their right.

     When man, due to his just nature, accounts himself for the one lira, one Spence or five Spence, he deserves to be supported by Allah Azz Waa Gal.

   Honesty has neither compromise nor relativity; it is either honesty or treachery. That’s why it was said by some scholars: By Allah, to leave a Daniq [i.e. an ancient coin] comes from an illegal source is better than doing a pilgrimage eighty times after Islam.

   Dear brothers, the witness is either to be for the sake of Allah to support the right or to be out of whim, i.e. Man may witness for the sake of his friend or his relative.

   I hear a very influential story. Someone is living in a house; he is an employer with a limited income. The owner of the house upraises the hire fees many times. But now this landlord wants to get this tenant out using immoral ways. He was advised to accuse him of sinful corruption, while this tenant was a very moral man, obedient and adherent to Allah Azz Waa Gal, and he used to lower his gaze. The whole matter was presented to the judge, who asked for a witness. There was a student girl who rented a room in this house. The landlord asked her to witness against this tenant, claiming he had immoral behaviour. The student girl agreed, and they cared for her nutrition, clothes and everything in recompense. They presented for her qualified services because if she witnesses that this tenant is immoral, they can get their house void. This tenant was very adherent to Allah’s ruling, lowering his gaze from looking to women; his wife and daughters were wearing the complete veil, which means that he was a very reverent personality, and they accused him of immoral corruption, i.e. he used to say bad words or to appear naked in front of his neighbours. This student girl promised the house owner to witness his interest, so he generously treated her.

   On the day of the witness, she said to the judge: I have never seen anyone more noble or pious than this neighbour in my life.

The landlord asked her Why do you agree to witness with us since you intend to rescue him?

   She replied: I was afraid to bring another one to witness unjustly against this innocent man. Her witness in front of the judge was decisive and the cause ended up with a ruling for the interest of this tenant.

   This tenant had not treated them unjustly, but they were greedy. This girl was intelligent; she thought if she refused to witness, the landlord would present another one accepted to say lies. Thus, she admitted to seeing as they wished, but before the judge, she told the truth: By Allah, this tenant never looked at me; he used to lower his gaze. He was very moral within his house, and I had never seen anyone chaster than him.

   Thus, the ruling was against the landlord, who was imprisoned.

Dear brothers, sometimes the witness clarifies the truth, i.e. when it is decisive. Once, I was invited to offer a witness outside Damascus, and I accepted this invitation with pleasure; this is a right. I had ruled between two brothers and signed a document with my hand; I was summoned to the judge after ten years to present my witness. I accepted pleasantly because this is a right. Witnessing what had occurred is a religious duty, but to see for Allah’s sake only. But if there are whims, it is not acceptable. When the judge asked him to present a witness, the witnesses stood outside the court.

   He asked the witness: Do you accept to witness with me?

   Yes, I accept

   For how much will you witness for my own interest?

   He replied: For five thousand pounds.

   Ok. He got inside the court and found a Holy Quran to swear by. He said I need more money because I need ten thousand pounds. That’s why Allah All-mighty said:

   So follow not the lusts [of your hearts], lest you avoid justice

   Surat An-Nisa’s 135.

   What did prevent you from being just?

   It is following the whim.

   And if you distort your witness

   I.e. to change the witness:  

   And if you distort your witness or refuse to give it, Allah is Ever Well-Acquainted with what you do.

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