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The Best Islamic stories for kids

The Best Islamic stories for kids

As a parent, it is natural to want to instill good values and morals in our children. One powerful way to achieve this is through storytelling. In Islamic culture, storytelling has been a cherished tradition for centuries. Islamic stories for kids not only entertain, but they also teach important lessons and help shape values. In this article, we will delve into the power of Islamic stories for kids and explore the benefits they offer. We will also provide tips on finding and sharing these stories effectively, as well as recommend some popular Islamic storybooks and resources for kids. So, join us now as we embark on this journey of cultivating values through the enchanting world of Islamic stories.

The Best Islamic stories for kids in Youtube

  1. Islamic stories for kids | Story of Prophet Yunus (AS) | Stories Of The Prophets | Quran Stories
    Stories of Prophets is a compilation of animated stories based on the Prophets in Islam. Our videos are ideal for everyone and can enjoy it without limits. Each of our videos presents the stories of Prophets from different times. Every video highlights the work of a Prophet, and how He preached the message of Allah (swt). 
   2.    Zaky & Friends 75 Minutes Compilation | 10 Zaky Cartoon Episodes | Islamic stories for kids
  3.  Prophet Stories MUSA / MOSES (AS) Part 1 | Islamic stories for kids | Islamic Videos – Ep 15

Prophet Musa was put in a basket and into the river as a baby! He then became the Prince of Egypt but ran away! Do you know why? Watch to find out! Allah also talked to him and his stick became something special. What was it? There are so MANY miracles and events that will surprise you in this video! Don’t miss out on this

Join us now in exploring the enchanting world of Islamic stories for kids. By incorporating these stories into your child’s life, you can help shape their values, promote their Islamic identity, and nurture their love for learning. Together, let us embark on this journey of instilling positive values and creating a generation of compassionate and morally upright individuals.

  4. Islamic stories for kids created by WaFaaKids in Ramadan Camp 2022 

Tips for effectively sharing Islamic stories with kids

Sharing Islamic stories with kids is not just about reading the words on a page; it is about creating a memorable and meaningful experience. Here are some tips to make the most of storytelling sessions:

  1. Set a regular storytelling time: Establish a routine for storytelling, creating a special time where you and your child can bond over these stories.

  2. Use props and visuals: Engage your child’s senses by incorporating props, illustrations, or even dressing up as characters from the stories.

  3. Encourage participation: Ask questions, encourage discussions, and let your child share their thoughts and feelings about the story.

  4. Relate the stories to real-life situations: Help your child connect the lessons from the stories to their own lives, discussing how they can apply those values in different situations.

  5. Be a role model: Children learn best by example, so strive to embody the values taught in the stories and demonstrate them in your own actions and interactions.

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